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About me

Hi, I am Radoslav


I came into contact with photography as a young boy. My father had always been obsessed with photographs and I myself have also developed a passionate interest in this field. It was a gradual process; at the beginning, it was a matter of a total indifference to me. Later, when new digital cameras saw the light of day, I was absolutely clear on devoting my time to photography. However, I had no idea how much money one needs to invest in this passion, so I took things easy. Therefore, it was more about practice rather than theory. Now, the time has come to demonstrate that it was worth it. I primarily focus on portraits (children, single, or family), wedding, fashion and production photography. My expertise is being constantly developed and I regularly upgrade my equipment. I love challenges, so do not hesitate to contact me with various requests you may have. Actions speak louder than words – please, take a look at my gallery.